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Bennett Elementary School
Detroit, MI

Bennett Elementary is a public neighborhood school serving over 1,000 children aged 5 to 12. We offer a rigorous elementary curriculum that infuses 21st Century technology in all core subjects.

Our mission: to educate and empower our students for full participation in a rapidly changing society; to build, sustain and extend a learning community to meet the social and economic needs of society, and improve the quality of life.

An Imagination Playground would help us create experiential play opportunities particularly for our preschool, kindergarten and students in special education. It can also be used by students in grades 1-5 to create a different environment and reflects concepts in lesson plans.

The portable Imagination Playground can be used for free play or for guided learning play. We believe that students’ hands and hearts naturally guide their learning.

Santa Fe South Elementary
Oklahoma City, OK

It is vital that our students have opportunities to develop their language and problem-solving skills in order to prepare for their future. But as a low-income inner city school, we have less and less time for recess and PE due to the pressure to perform on state-mandated testing.

An Imagination Playground would be a great way for our teachers to use the equipment to help students imagine and problem-solve as they build and re-build. With more opportunities to play and have social interactions, these students are developing skills that in a society of jobs that require a great deal of problem solving.

An Imagination Playground would be used to engage our children through play by using it in team building, language development, and problem solving activities. The pieces would allow us to use it in a way that our-limited resource would never allow our students to otherwise experience.

Boys & Girls Club of Dane County
Madison, WI

Boys & Girls Club Dane County (BGDCC) serves over 3000 members from ages 5-16. On any given school day about 250-300 children come to the BGCDC to participate in play and recreational activities.

We currently share a gymnasium for sports, recreation, and community gatherings. The BGCDC does not have an outdoor playground for children over 6 years of age. Our challenge is to create play and recreational opportunities throughout the Dane County for all kids and receiving the Imagination Playground will allow us to be flexible and bring opportunity to kids in different neighborhoods, especially kids that need us the most.

An Imagination Playground would add to the recreation and free play components of our program. Participants will have more opportunities to carry, push, pull, climb, crawl, and jump while designing and building. This will be especially helpful in Wisconsin, where severely cold weather limits children’s access to outdoor free play for several months each year.

Baker Victory Services
Lackawanna, NY

Baker Victory Services is dedicated to fostering the highest possible quality of life and personal achievement for children both with and without disabilities. We are a year-round school that not only educates but also builds social and life skills alongside their non-disabled peers. Children come from 35 Western New York school districts.

The portable nature of the equipment will allow the Imagination Playground to be moved throughout the year to potentially serve more than 300 preschoolers annually. The equipment will also be moved for use by 200 older students served with mental health and behavioral disabilities. The majority sites offer open outdoor and indoor spaces during inclement weather.

The Imagination Playground would be part of our Creative Curriculum with a special focus on those with disabilities to. engage these children with sensory and physical activities.

Ludlow Community Center/
Randall Boys & Girls Club
Ludlow, MA

The Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club (LCCRBGC) provides year round youth and family services that are convenient, affordable and accessible to all ages and backgrounds. We have over 190 children from preschool through fifth grade. Our goal is to encourage children’s imagination and creativity while impacting as many youth as possible.

One of the most important types of activity for our youngest members is creative play. An Imagination Playground will provide children an additional way to explore materials and pursue their ideas. We also encourage play that requires problem solving.

Children will have more frequent opportunities to experience and explore expressive materials and that is precisely what the Imagination Playground is bringing to our members.

St. Joseph's Regional
Medical Center Foundation
Paterson, NJ

At St. Joseph's, part of our mission is to care for the whole person - mind, body and spirit. An Imagination Playground is an added resource that would enable us to continue uphold that commitment to the children we are entrusted to care for.

Our child care center cares for infants, toddlers and preschoolers of nearly 120 families year round. We help nurture over 20,000 kids each year.

Children in Paterson have very little opportunity for outdoor play, and the space available to them is limited in both quality and quantity. The Imagination Playground will give children the opportunity to be creative, work together, problem-solve, and exercise in a safe environment.

Imagination Playground is a new concept being brought to the Paterson School District. Furthermore, our teaching staff is devoted to these children, and would ensure that this equipment is put to its greatest use.

Creative City Public Charter School
Baltimore, MD

Creative City Public Charter School (CCPCS) is a new, progressive, place-based, arts-integrated charter elementary school that values small classes and hands on learning – a unique school opportunity here in Baltimore City. CCPCS serves over 200 students.

We already value and implement a play-based approach to learning and serve a diverse student body that includes a large percentage of high-risk students. In our first year, we immediately began developing our Outdoor Classroom to foster child-directed play in a natural environment. The Imagination Playground would add a new facet to our Outdoor Classroom (and other areas of the school) and provide students an opportunity to build and collaborate with one another.

We are demonstrating every day that play is important for all of our students. The Imagination Playground will add another amazing tool to bring play to our students' lives every day.

Lincoln Heights Community Center, Inc.
Roanoke Rapids, NC

Lincoln Heights Community Center Inc., is focused on improving the quality of life for under-served children and adults in education, health, housing and the environment through collaborative partnerships. LCC currently has no playground equipment and we are a poverty stricken community in need of playground equipment to enhance and promote healthy living and education in our area.

Most of our kids have no access to playgrounds or parks because of the distance they are from their homes and do not have the proper transportation to go often. The Imagination Playground provides additional opportunities for our youth to play and interact with each other. Having opportunities to develop peer interactions is important during the growth of children.

The availability of the Imagination Playground may also increase community and social engagement, giving children in the neighborhood an additional play equipment to use their motor and sensory skills.

Elk Hill Charlottesville
Goochland, VA

Elk Hill's mission is to empower children and families to discover the skills and courage needed to make positive changes in their lives. Elk Hill serves over 400 children annually.

Our children generally have received much less than their peers: abuse and neglect where others have attention and support; fear where others experience abundance and security. We strive to fill those gaps with love and support, but as a nonprofit organization, can't always offer the bells and whistles that more fortunate peers enjoy. Laughter and play are some of the best tools we can use to help youngsters through early intervention programs like summer camps, alternative elementary schools, and children's mental health services.

A fun, creative learning and social tool like the Imagination Playground would be a transformative ingredient in the 44-year old formula we call the "Elk Hill Way": a mix of learning, therapy, and play that seamlessly blends all three to challenge and support the whole child.

Community Action Marin
San Rafael, CA

Community Action Marin (CAM) operates a variety of social service and educational programs, including six state subsidized child development centers. Our mission is to serve and assist low-income Marin residents in achieving a life of quality based on self-sufficiency. One of our biggest challenges is creating opportunities for creative outdoor play. The Imagination Playground is a unique answer to that challenge.

Manzanita Children’s Center is located in Marin City and has a majority of low income and working families. Manzanita Children’s Center provides afterschool care to 60 children daily and full day care during all school breaks and summer. Due to space restrictions, the children presently have limited opportunities for creative, outdoor play experiences yet they yearn for opportunities to build, climb, create, and imagine. We believe the addition of the Imagination Playground would provide a unique opportunity to support creativity, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills and cooperative play.

Ability Connection Colorado
Denver, CO

Ability Connection Colorado (ACCO) supports and provides innovative and comprehensive Early Education, Employment and Family Support programs. Our Creative Options Early Education staff has a strong preference for play resources that encourage children to use their imagination and creativity.

This 40-square mile area in Denver & Aurora is identified as one of the most significant areas of need in the entire state. ACCO has 650 children from birth to age 5 and 70% have unaddressed challenges & delays that put their development 2-3 years behind their peers socially, emotionally & academically upon enrollment.

We believe that enriching children’s play opportunities enriches their overall development. ACC would love to incorporate the Imagination Playground into learning modules we use in our curriculum. The playground creates an opportunity for students to use their problem solving, imagination, creativity, spatial thinking, collaboration and communication, among other skills.

White Mesa Education Center/
Ute Mountain Tribe
White Mesa, UT

Nestled in the red rock canyons of Southeastern Utah is the Ute Mountain Tribe’s reservation community of White Mesa. With the current population of 230, our often overlooked community goes underserved in many important facets of life.

White Mesa currently has no playground equipment. Our children want to play, dream, and imagine. Health concerns have been an issue in our community including diabetes and obesity. Playtime with the Imagination Playground can let our children to be active with both their mind and body.

White Mesa Department of Education has made great strides to help our children improve most of their educational needs. The Imagination Playground would be part of their daily activity – the beginning of a new classroom routine that will be used on a daily bases and will ensure that our youth will have an additional opportunity to developing their skills.

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The top four community organizations will receive Imagination Playground.

Baker Victory Services Lackawanna, NY
Santa Fe South Elementary Oklahoma City, OK
St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center Foundation Paterson, NJ
Ludlow Community Center/ Randall Boys & Girls Club Ludlow, MA
Elk Hill Charlottesville Goochland, VA
Creative City Public Charter School Baltimore, MD
White Mesa Education Center/Ute Mountain Tribe White Mesa, UT
Community Action Marin San Rafael, CA
Lincoln Heights Community Center, Inc. Roanoke Rapids, NC
Bennett Elementary School Detroit, MI
Ability Connection Colorado Denver, CO
Boys & Girls Club of Dane County Madison, WI

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